The Salvation Army Family Store reopened in January 2005 at the new location, 5744 W. US Hwy 10, Ludington. Donations of new and used resellable clothing, furniture and household items are needed. Shopping and donating to The Salvation Army helps others in need for residents of the Mason and Oceana County area. Thank you for your generous support!

History Trivia: The previous site for The Salvation Army Family Store was at 513 S. James St. and was called “Sally’s Boutique”

Donation Etiquette: Everything you need to know about donating items to The Salvation Army, you learned in kindergarten (three rules to remember):

  • Donate, but please don’t steal – Yes, people often drop stuff off at The Salvation Army just to get rid of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s free to take. If you happen to be around the store or a donation bin – maybe because you’re dropping off something yourself – and you see something you’d like to have, return to the store on the next shopping day and we’re sure the staff will give you a great deal.

    The Salvation Army donations and purchases go toward general operations on the Army which includes helping needy people in Mason & Oceana County with food, utility, rent, mortgage, medicines, clothing, furniture, youth programs, and other various projects for underprivileged families. (TSA assisted over 5,800 people in ’06)

    You’re taking away from those efforts – not from some corporation’s pockets – when you steal the agency’s donation sites.

  • Be considerate when donating – Use common sense and have some decency when you selects items to donate to The Salvation Army.

    The Salvation Army is not a place to dump your trash, or items you should be taking to the local landfill. In fact, it’s illegal to leave waste at the agencies’ drop sites. Some of the items that have been dropped off at the local sites include tires, ragged mattresses and busted TVs.

    A store may spend up to $20,000 annually to dump (especially if it is to be boxed up and shipped out in large quantities sush as paint and other toxic items. Stores have closed in the past because of this concern.

    Please: If you see other people committing illegal dumping at a donation drop site, record a license plate number and report it to your police department or sheriff’s office.

    We don’t want people to stop giving items to The Salvation Army. On the contrary, we want people to donate things that the thrift stores can really use to make a profit. Paint and tires are not those things.

  • When you donate, be on time – The best way to help The Salvation Army deter both of the above-mentioned ‘no-no’s’ is for people who donate items to do so during business hours. Salvation Army Family Store hours (shopping & donating) are Mondays through Fridays, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. If you can donate during those times, store employees can secure the items, give you a receipt for tax purposes & answer questions e.g. whether the items are appropriate donations.

    Donating to The Salvation Army is a very kind thing to do. You help make a difference in the community when you give The Salvation Army re-sellable items they can really use.